UW embraces NIL as the next frontier in college athletics.
NIL creates opportunities for student-athletes to work towards
their goals in their lives and careers, in and out of competition.

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What Is NIL?

NIL stands for “Name, Image, and Likeness” and refers to NCAA guidance that will allow student-athletes to earn compensation for the use of their name, image or likeness. This new legislation will allow student-athletes to earn compensation in ways that were previously impermissible under NCAA rules.

How will student-athletes be able to capitalize on NIL?

Under the new rules, student-athletes will be able to use their name, image or likeness, just like other students at UW, to earn compensation for any of the following activities:

Social media promotions and influencer activities

Sale of autographs

Starting their own business

Appearance in TV or print advertisements

Other endorsements of a third-party

Providing private sport lessons
or running a camp or clinic

Personal appearances


Our NIL initiatives will leverage UW’s platform, alumni network, and location in Seattle to provide programs, resources and mentorship to help students seize these opportunities.

Since 2018, UW has been developing comprehensive programming to provide student-athletes with the tools, training and education needed to maximize this new opportunity through Boundless Futures and the UW is ready and prepared to take this to the next level.

UW’s purpose of providing holistic development opportunities for its students has always been why our department exists – this commitment is why the UW is a perfect environment for students to thrive in the NIL era.

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How has UW prepared for NIL?

Boundless Futures is the comprehensive personal, professional and leadership development program for UW student-athletes. The program leverages UW’s alumni network and the Seattle business community to build leaders in life and in the workplace through practical experiences and connections. Though UW cannot participate in NIL activity directly, we can enable student-athletes to build networks that can support their endeavors.

Boundless Futures - Personal Development

Personal Development

life skills, social media management, mental health, taxes, personal finances, freshman class, identity development

Boundless Futures - Professional Development

Professional Development

mentorship, internships, brand development, entrepreneurship, legal skills, navigating agent relationships, interviewing, job shadows, company visits, resume development, networking

Boundless Futures - Leadership Development

Leadership Development

leadership academy, speakers and workshops, DISC assessment

Boundless Futures - Community + Cultural Development

Community + Cultural Development

community service, WSAAC, Black Student-Athlete Alliance, speakers and events

What Makes UW Unique?

At UW, student-athletes work with an NIL educator for customized coaching and road map design through Boundless Futures

Boundless Futures - Educate, Evaluate, Elevate


Individual coaching based on your goals & education workshop series on topics including:

  • NIL
  • Compliance
  • Legal
  • Personal Finances
  • Taxes
  • Agents
  • Social Media
  • Mental Health



UW has partnered with Opendorse to help student-athletes with personal branding and social media strategy. Student-athletes will receive assessments on how to maximize their online presence:

  • Monetize Your Brand
  • Understand Your Potential
  • Build Your Audience
  • Personalized Review of Assessment with NIL Educator



UW is committed to helping student-athletes take the next step, based on their own goals:

  • Networking Connections
  • Mentorship
  • Customized Resource Plan


Questions about UW’s NIL Program?

Contact Jamaal Walton for more info.