Q. What is the Reallocation Process?

In the winter of 2018, Husky Stadium will undergo a full reseating process, allowing all season ticket holders the opportunity to improve their seating locations based on their amount of priority points. The priority point system is intended to reward the loyalty and giving of all season ticket holders, and encourage contributions to Husky Athletics.

Q. Why Does Reallocation Take Place?

The reallocation process is scheduled for every five years so that longtime season ticket holders and donors to Husky Athletics can have the best possible seating options. Many season ticket holders look at the reallocation period as the best opportunity to improve their seat location by increasing their annual contribution to Husky Athletics.

Q. How can I improve my priority point rank?

Make an additional contribution to the Competitive Edge Fund before December 31, 2017 to add priority points and improve your rank. Visit, or call the Tyee Club Office at (206) 543-2234 to make your gift today!

Q. Do I need to make a deposit?

Yes! In order to receive a window to select your seats you must first place a non-refundable deposit.

Q. When is the deadline to place my seat deposit?

November 8, 2017. Accounts that miss the deposit deadline will choose their 2018 seats after all other season ticket holders, regardless of their priority point rank.

Q. How will I get my seat selection window opening time?

In mid-January, your selection time will be emailed and mailed to all accounts that have placed a deposit.

Q. What happens at my seat selection window opening time?

During your selection window, you will select your seat locations. Several amenities, including a 3D Husky Stadium virtual venue, are available to aid you in this process. At your selection window opening time, your seat selection window opens and will remain open until your seats are selected.

Q. How do I select my parking?

Parking will also be reallocated during this process. Details on selecting parking will come with your selection window opening mailing.

Q. Are there limitations on the number of seats I can select?

You may select as many seats as deposits you place. Season Ticket Holders can select up to a maximum of eight (8) premium seats and eight (8) Tyee Club seats or general season tickets at their appointment time at full priority per the seating limits below:

  • Premium Seating – Season Ticket Holders may purchase up to eight (8) premium season tickets at their full priority points value. See the Premium Seating brochures for more details.

  • Tyee Club & General season tickets – All Season Ticket Holders can purchase up to eight (8) season tickets at their full priority giving level. Additional seats beyond the first eight (8) will be allocated at 25% of the full priority value of the account. Season Ticket Holders with more than eight (8) seats may also select their seats using a blended average of their full priority.

Q. Is it true that current Husky Heritage ticket holders can keep their same seats?

Yes! As promised in 2013 with the re-opening of Husky Stadium, anyone with a Husky Heritage seat can retain those exact seats during the first reallocation in 2018. You still need to make a deposit to confirm your renewal. You will then still receive an appointment time and may exchange those seats with others that are available if you like, or simply complete your payment and those seats will be yours.